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Lucid Weaver is the world's first lucid dreaming training app since 2005

Creative Commons -license Kain Kalju (original modified)

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Lucid Dreaming 2.0

Lucid Weaver is an app that helps you to become conscious in your dream. It is a learnable skill that can be trained with certain techniques. The latest version of Lucid Weaver is designed to use with smartwatches where a heart rate sensor is used to detect sleep stages. During a REM or rapid eye movement stage where dreams are seen Lucid Weaver will alert you to start lucid dream training and fall asleep consciously directly in to a dream. You can use Lucid Weaver also without watch with manual alarms and sound induced lucid dreaming. Using smartwatch allows you to wake at the right time of your sleep cycle to practise lucid dreaming.

Lucid Weaver has a sister app for dream yoga where lucid dreaming is used as a spiritual practice: Dream Yoga


Lucid Weaver will help you to fall asleep consciously and have lucid dream. The technique is called WILD or Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming after Stephen LaBerge's classic dream research. To go WILD you need to fall asleep consciously by keeping your mind awake while your body falls asleep. This takes some skill in comfortable relaxation and effortless focus. Lucid Weaver will teach you these skills and monitor your progress.


With Lucid Weaver you can train WILD technique during a day while awake. This makes entering a lucid dream at night much easier. Lucid Weaver will monitor your relaxation and focus levels by following your heart rate and breathing rhythm with smart watch sensors. By doing this same thing at night you can learn to fall asleep consciously and enter directly in to a lucid dream.

Sleep Analysis

Lucid Weaver will analyse your sleep and stages from light to deep sleep and REM dreaming. You can see that you get enough rest while training lucid dreaming. Remember that lucid dreaming while exhausted is difficult. So take care that you get enough restorative sleep so that you have enough strength to keep your mind effortlessly focused for lucid dreaming.

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Lucid dreaming means a dream where you know that you are in a dream. Since you are living in a colourful imagination at that moment anything is possible when you make a conscious decision. You are totally free to fly, play your favourite dream, meet anybody or anything you most desire. You can practice skills or do your favourite hobby free of charge.

WILD technique is a kind of advanced lucid dreaming method. You will be more successful if you already have a good dream recall and remember several dreams per night. People who remember more dreams have more lucid dreams. Combining WILD with reality checks where you ask yourself "Is this a dream?" and try to do something impossible like jumping for flying during day is also a fruitful practice. The key in lucid dreaming is developing a strong motivation and intent to become conscious of your dream. There are spoken sound inductions in Lucid Weaver to help you achieve this.

Lucid Weaver does the same think that lucid dreaming masks like Nova Dreamer but you don't have to wear uncomfortable mask when sleep stages are recognised from your wrist heart beat.

Lucid Dreaming is a mind skill that requires some patience and enthusiasm to achieve. So give it a few weeks of your exited attention day and night. Most people that put their mind in to it learn lucid dreaming in two or three weeks. Some see their first lucid dream in the very first night.

Lucid Weaver was developed by Olli Erjanti. It rose from a life long practice of lucid dreaming. Olli is a lucid dream instructor in Finland and a biohacker who wants to combine mind and technology in fruitful ways.

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